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Dal segno

Dal Segno Design was born in the north-east of Italy based on solid experience and expertise of a group of design and furniture specialists. The basis of the project is the idea of creating a collection of furnishing accessories with modern design and Italian style, at extremely competitive prices. High-tech materials, innovative technologies, never banal products, and updated classics revisions are the basis of our development and research ideas for new models. The high standards of quality, comfort and robustness make our products suitable for both the residential and contract markets. Dal Segno Design participates regularly at the Milan Furniture Fair and is a well-known brand on the European and world markets.



Eumenes is a brand of furnishing accessories born in 2011 in Milan from the ideas of a team of managers with a great experience in the field of design. Eumenes in ancient Greek indicates the concept of "feeling good" and this is the intent that inspires our work and the objects we produce. With a specialization in metal processing , the most resistant, environmentally friendly and recyclable material , Eumenes offers a range of products characterized by a careful search for innovative materials and high quality projects. The credo of Eumenes is versatility , which is divided into three characteristics. In & Out. All Eumenes products are strictly Made in Italy, to ensure the highest level of quality, refinement and attention to detail.



The STILE was born, by the will of the 5 founding members, in March 1969, in the past 44 years the company has developed and specialized in the construction, for third parties, of metal components for furnishing accessories. Reproducing for over 40 years much of the metal objects designed in the '20s and' 30s by the greatest architects of the BauHaus school we have well understood and appreciated the importance of design in furnishing. In this sense we collaborate and we have the maximum availability to collaborate with contemporary architects and designers to "give life" to their best ideas.



In the Italian City of Cutlery, Maniago, DUE CIGNI (Two Swans) has been producing with passion kitchen scissors and knives of high quality for over a century. First choice steel, innovative design and the maximum attention to the details assure that DUE CIGNI products do not get passed over, not even by the most demanding of users. Last generation Machinery, qualified and experienced personnel are the elements on which the DUE CIGNI brand is based on. DUE CIGNI offers everything that is needed for those who love cooking, always a satisfying requirement, whether it be of the design, quality or variety. DUE CIGNI knives and scissors are instruments ideal for professionals in food services and of gastronomy that need a perfect cut without effort and long lasting…for over one hundred years. 


Coltelleria fratelli Antonini

A.E. Coltellerie is an Italian specialist company that has been working for over three generations in the most common industrial sector in the Maniago area (Pordenone) which has been producing blades, knives and other cutting instruments since medieval times. In 1929 Antonio and Luigi Antonini founded their artisan business for the production of knives from Maniago, creating their products individually with attention to quality and efficiency. The company, which collaborates mainly with foreign countries, as well as meeting the needs of the professional, also satisfies the demands of the household sector with diverse articles suitable for every daily need. The legendary Antonini logo along with the area trademark guarantee the quality of the raw materials used and the quality of workmanship that, under the “Made in Italy” banner, mean the highest possible resistance, durability and cutting performance parameters. Our knives are assembled, finished and sharpened all by hand.



These are a new world, a new lifestyle, a passport to new horizons and a different universe. Made in Italy which is renowned for its excellent and incomparable workmanship and innovative ideas. Based on its unique culture they have a true Italian identity. The suites are of our time but will appeal far into the future. They have their basis in the rational and minimalist movements but have an ageless classic design that will insure their admiration and appreciation by all lovers of beautiful furniture. The personality of the collection is shown in the innovative use of materials and the rich colours which make it modern whilst not losing the reassuring classical aura. The consistency of workmanship, the style choice and the colour range give the whole collection a unique flavour.This means the customer can choose with confidence knowing the habitat will fit like a glove. Making a chic and refined urban space to enjoy for a lifetime.