The company was founded in 1980 in Vinaròs (Castellón), quickly becoming an iconic trademark in kitchen furniture and cupboards for those looking for a medium to high range product for their home. Halfway between an industrial manufacturer and the renowned finishes of an expert carpenter, pieces from Muebles de cocina DOCA seduce perceptive clients who are searching for unique, customizable furniture.



Minimalism pretends to reduce content to its elementary expressions, but Doca goes a step further; Following these guidelines, small details are made present in each of the elements that make this unique kitchen. First of all, the central area of the furniture made in Natural Elm stands out, in which Doca focuses all attention on a countertop designed in detail where the surrounding furniture envelops the central stone with the warmth of its veneer. Bevelled details and creation of handles made in the veneer itself that enhance the quality of Doca furniture. On the second hand, the column area holds a large storage area. Appliances, shelves, drawers and sliding co-planar door system are combined so the space has the functionality and ergonomics which is always so present in Doca kitchens.



In the world of hostelry, avant-garde foods are mixed with typical flavors, creating perfect mixes that evoke past times but with a counterpoint of modernity and freshness that make our senses experience some new and unique sensations. Doca, in the same way, creates a new concept of kitchen, where the latest generation materials, such as steels and dark DM format join old materials such as the fossil oak with more than 1000 years old and the massive natural stone countertop extracted from a quarry unique in Europe of which we do not know its exact antiquity, but that its surface replete with fossils reveals its long existence. An avant-garde proposal where Doca aims to surprise those who seek new sensations without losing an ounce of those materials that do not understand the trace of time.



A new concept of kitchen where DOCA takes the pictorial art of the canvas to the kitchen in the form of kitchen fronts engraved in natural stone. A new sober proposal with a colossal force where countertops, fronts and interiors create an island designed to enjoy art in all its senses. A great design where Doca emphasizes the work of his design team in search of groundbreaking proposals that never stop to amaze us. The counterpoint to the robustness of the island is given by the lightweight shelf made of optical glass, offering storage to the whole Doca kitchen. A shelf that goes unnoticed so that the imposing island of monolithic concept takes center stage.



A large table invites you to discover the different spaces formed by this imposing Doca kitchen. A monolithic block of stone rests on an oak table of measures that defy the common, being the central piece of the space. In front of it, the massive area of columns of large dimensions, made with the new GLIX door equipped with special hinges with 180 degree opening system that facilitate access, invades several heights of the house forming a large storage area at two heights, where any element takes place thanks to the access to two faces to be able to access both from the kitchen and from the upper area. Doca kitchen set closes the area of base units made with Ideco model and upper area, where a metal structure invites to discover the area of the backsplash. Sliding doors that integrate extra storage areas for those items of daily use that do not want to be seen and then maximize the functionality of the Doca kitchen.



DOCA presents a new proposal of distribution and design for an innovative home, adapting the experience and last trends, where the traditional spaces of the kitchen are combined with the rest of the common rooms of the house, showing the materials and products at the highest level. Treated and varnished fine woods are proposed with the latest advances, respectful with the environment; glass cabinets made with aluminum profiles designed and manufactured with the latest technology, combined with processed glass, as well as lacquered doors, especially created for the kitchen world, guaranteeing its quality and resistance. An equipped kitchen with built in lighting, fully custom. All this allows us to know that we are talking about a product and brand established into the high level, sensitive to market concerns and trends, being essential to take it into account for the development of new projects.



DOCA creates a new kitchen concept where the absence of handle is the main hero. TEXTURA Oceanic together with NODES TINT Smoked Oak. This new kitchen model proposes straight and minimalist lines, highlighting the warmth of the wood and the touch of the textured lacquer. These materials are combined to create both an urban and contemporary style. At DOCA, we rely on diverse materials to create unique places where ergonomics, balance and precision prevail. Spaces that will remain in time and seek to win the heart of demanding customers satisfied with their choice. In this sense, their kitchen cabinets are unique pieces with style, character and quality, with the aim of fulfilling our client expectations.



We are surrounded by infinite beauty that we occasionally do not appreciate. Sometimes we have to stop for a moment and just look around us. There is beauty in a forest, a mountain, or even that small flower which against all odds has flourished in the middle of the city. If we really open our eyes we are able to appreciate the beauty in things which usually go unnoticed. Beauty lies in a stone in the river. Stones are not always pretty but if we look at them carefully we can appreciate that they have remained unchanged over many years of being lashed by the current. Is there really anything more beautiful than this eternal image? At Muebles de Cocina Doca we think there is, and that is why we have created this new kitchen “Luxury Stone Argus”, which contains all the force of a rock in its central island, and the warmth of wood in its accompanying retractable columns. A kitchen as unique as the planet we live on.



We have been fooling ourselves all along, singing in the shower is for amateurs, the place where we really let go and sing to our hearts’ content is in the kitchen. Like when you are putting the plates onto the countertop and you get the need to move them around like a DJ, or when you are stirring something in a saucepan and you just have to grab the spoon like a microphone and let out those vocals that any professional singer would be jealous of. When we have just finished cooking, we start feeling a bit embarrassed that maybe someone was looking at us through the window, but don’t worry, it’s impossible to make a fool of yourself in an exclusive “Albens Sedamat Blanco” kitchen by Muebles de Cocina Doca, your neighbours won’t be able to stop looking at how lovely the cupboards with a Sedamat Blanco finish are, and you will be the envy of the neighbourhood thanks to the retractable columns in an Albens finish. With this sophisticated, modern kitchen nothing can steal the limelight.



Opening a bottle of wine, squeezing an orange juice, making a strong cup of coffee in the morning, spreading toast with butter and jam; things we do every day but which never lose their charm. It can’t be denied, that the simplest things are usually the most beautiful. Natural wood grain creates a hypnotic, incomparable design which our kitchen “Evolucion Roble Natural” takes advantage of to the full, with materials like those present in nature. Tall glass cabinets and cupboards in natural oak with built-in handles give this U-shaped kitchen a simple elegance, because more is less.



To express this way of working, ironically there is one word we like to use: Quality. A word which already means nothing. This word has been used too much without the slightest care for accuracy. Everyone speaks of quality and few actually offer it. Now we have to be exact. If we want to say quality, we say steel, walnut, ergonomics and balance. If we want to say quality we say precision, honesty, hygiene and resistance. And this kitchen is a clear example: lower cupboards in walnut made from specially selected high quality veneers whereby the Bunotte mechanized handle incorporated in the door, here shown vertically, can be fitted in an infinite number of positions. Latest generation columns in steel, polished by laser with a glossy mirror effect, house all of your electrical appliances like an oven, microwave, coffee machine, fridge, freezer etc. A kitchen whose own reflection is the extreme quality of each and every finish by Muebles de Cocina Doca.



There are lots of different kinds of cooks: classical ones who appreciate the quality of a good stew more than anything; modern chefs who look for an explosion of flavours in minimalism; experimentalists who are able to create a recipe with only a carrot and a potato; encyclopedia maniacs who won’t even fry an egg without checking the cookbook… and then there are those who burn their toast. No matter what kind of cook you are, you are worth a spectacular kitchen with a rust effect lacquered door incorporating the Elia model handles, which gives your kitchen an office look; an office where you can develop your talents no matter what they are, as a chef.



And what if objects could just hang in the air without any kind of support? Would there be no tables or shelves? Maybe. This small thought could explain our way of understanding the concept of a kitchen and also our longing for each and every one of these ‘inventions’ to arrive as soon as possible, to add even more harmony to all of our designs. For the moment, Muebles de Cocina Doca, have created a very visual, solid and robust kitchen. The Stone and Fuste models with an Acacia veneer, make this kitchen a minimal block in line with the most state-of-the-art kitchens nowadays. A solid kitchen which is balanced by the table at the island created with the Grain series. This series is made with Finnish wood over 80 years old, and thanks to its optical glass leg the kitchen is enhanced with a touch of lightness, furthermore the shelves with LED lighting beneath seem to float in this unique space. Stone and wood in perfect harmony, or what is the Grain, Fuste and Stone series, a perfect design created by Muebles de cocina Doca.



Minimalism at the most extreme sense of the word, a kitchen straight from science fiction, which is so modern and elegant that it makes you feel like doing an experiment with liquid nitrogen. Functional and clean. ‘Super-mirror’ cupboards with spectacular mirror effect doors give this kitchen depth and light, which together with cupboards with wooden doors in an ‘Ebano Vintage’ veneer, create a design full of subtleties. A light, warm, ethereal kitchen which transports us to the best factory of ideas



Why do we bother to put all the bits of carrot on one side of our plate so that the sauce serving as a bed for the lobster, only reaches a third of the garnish? Why does this exquisite fish make a perfect diagonal line with the angles of the plate, as well as a clean, precise tangent with the three accompanying onion rings? Because we like order and aesthetics. There is always a logical reason why an idea starts, grows and develops, and why it doesn’t die. It is ultimately the logical and constant evolution of a design. Following the latest trends in ‘industrial retro-vintage’ looks  Muebles de Cocina Doca have created their new Craft series. The idea is to be reminded of industrial packaging made with chipboard and with letters printed on it in black revealing the hidden contents. In the same way Doca reproduces those boxes in kitchen furniture. While also offering the chance to personalize the words on the outside so that all the various kitchenware and utensils are classified and identified at all times. This is without doubt a fresh, very trendy idea, and as always, made in the same high quality which is typical of DOCA.



Luminosity, design and nature are combined for the new “Barna Tint Xamer Ent Nat” kitchen. At Muebles de Cocina DOCA we have created a spacious kitchen with a spectacular central island which is a true tribute to natural wood. Solid wooden varnished doors incorporating handles add the freshness and purity of forests to our homes. The exquisite simplicity of varnished wood has also been applied to an area of columns which adds volume and increases the functionality of a room to a modern design which was built to last.



State of the art materials give surprising results and some very interesting textures, colours and finishes, but above all they are lasting and easy to maintain. This kitchen includes a combination of steel alloys and traditional Finnish wood obtained from the exterior of the oldest houses in the country, which are of course treated to offer the highest quality and visual beauty. Columns made with ancient wood tell their own story just by looking at them. The central island is in steel with a compact central part where the sink and cooking area is located. To close this space, there is a shelving unit with lots of storage space and sliding doors which can either show or hide what’s inside.



“And when you get home there’s a party in the kitchen...” one line from a song by the great singer Sabina, and he was completely right. People look for places where they feel comfortable and safe, but what do kitchens have that make us feel like this? Well, we like being in them, it’s where we feel relaxed, we start the day having breakfast there and it’s where we have the most transcendental conversations. Investing in a great kitchen is always a winning bet. Our Sr Nogal 5N/ Luxury Stone Artemis kitchen is one of the best on the market, not only because of its exquisite design but also because it’s highly functional. Balance and sustainability are two adjectives we could use to describe it but we know that an image speaks more than a thousand words.



Kitchens are evermore being positioned in open areas which connect different parts of a house. We don’t want to see fridges or extractor fans but pure, simple elements which give us water or keep away smoke and smells. And that’s what we have achieved in the Cassini Stone kitchen. If there were a system on the market which allowed us to fill a pan with water using some revolutionary process of chemical engineering, who would want to put a tap in their kitchen? The Cassini Stone kitchen, made in shiny porcelain imitating Carrara Marble, and Sedamat en Blanco (White), offers all the conveniences and functionality a kitchen should but on the inside. The Cassini Stone kitchen has an island which houses the cooking and washing area. The storage area at the back in smoked Eucalyptus, adds a touch of warmth to this kitchen. Furthermore, the side wall of this composition has been covered in the same material to strengthen this idea of warmth.   All of the columns in the Cassini Stone kitchen are made of porcelain with hidden symmetrical openings.



What’s your dream? To work, live, have fun and above all fight for your dreams. So nobody has to tell you where your place is, or silence you, or doubt you or set your limits. If your passion is the kitchen then don’t hold back, study the masters, and above all experiment. Our new Anvil Acero kitchen has been created like a gastronomic temple with a combination of doors in anodized aluminium and a steel central panel, making a room which reminds you of a blank canvas. Within your grasp you have a U-shaped kitchen based on straight lines with elegant finishes, just waiting for you to add the ingredients for a great recipe. This laboratory has elegant Frame model columns giving distinction and warmth to any room. A kitchen which invites you to experiment, and has everything at hand so that you can find your own limits.



Can anyone remember when they had guests and as the host they were designated to the kitchen while everyone-else enjoyed the party? This concept for us is now obsolete, the kitchens are the star and have become the most crowded place in our homes. At Muebles de Cocina Doca we create designs which are so elegant that they are the only element necessary to impress our guests; old recovered wood which is stained to add a nostalgic touch to an elegant, comfortable kitchen. A combination of columns with a “Grain Viejo Tinte Panga” finish and columns lacquered in an “Iron Vintage” steel effect, create a design with a bohemian soul, full of creative energy where you feel that no recipe can go wrong. At Muebles de Cocina Doca we have created our kitchens as a work of art, but we haven’t forgotten their main role, which is why cooking in them is a complete delight. Their refined finishes, in this case with mechanized handles or low units with a Milan-style Gola handle, help any chef to make the most of their potential.



Nature, in all of its splendour shows us the beauty of seams in rock or grains in wood. And embracing this legacy Muebles de Cocina DOCA presents their new collection LUXURY STONE ZOE NATUR y FUSTE EUCALIPTUS OLD. Different ceramic finishes add elegant aesthetics which combine perfectly with metallic structures and wood, embellishing the room and making the kitchen a place where new meaning is created. Once more, Muebles de Cocina DOCA proposes an arrangement where the work area in LUXURY STONE maintains a linear design with the same material for the fronts as the countertop. Like this there is a feeling of uniformity throughout the whole area. And of course with all of the finishes which identify DOCA.



We present a new kitchen project made with different models like the modern Cream Stucco. An exquisite Eucalipto Fumé veneer on panels and column interiors, with a traditional touch of Viejo Tinte Panga from the Grain series on the upper units. This kitchen offers lively surroundings where we can share our feelings, talk, think, decide, work, laugh, enjoy and live in the most comfortable, practical and intense way possible. Different opening systems are used: those which are incorporated in the outer edge of doors in the columns, the push-blue motion opening system in lower units, or the hidden Gola system on top units. The use of superior materials, identified by their special personality, makes it possible to create transparent areas. One example of this is found in the columns area where you can see every aspect, detail, colour and light making a visually enriched collection. In this way we achieve the mark of distinction necessary for a well-planned project.



This kitchen made by Muebles de Cocina DOCA is in a matt finish wooden veneer from the ANGON MOCCA SERIES. The designers at Muebles de Cocina DOCA have created a refined design with the characteristic elegance of our brand, with this aesthetically perfect kitchen which is functional in every way. The furniture in the island area is equipped with the MILANO (GOLA) opening system. The saucepan drawers and doors all have a BEVELLED top edge which fits perfectly with the bevel of the same angle on the underside of the countertop. Thanks to the distance between these two bevels it is extremely easy to access and open mobile elements. Continuity is a feature here, and it is achieved on the one hand by the grain on the wooden veneer, and on the other by the bevelled edge along the whole of the island on each of the four sides. This makes a perfect block, so that we cannot see any thickness as all of the panels and end elements have mitred sides. The co-ordination and smooth transition of tones within this project is outstanding, thanks to the careful selection of veneers by our team of professional carpenters here at Muebles de Cocina DOCA.



A contemporary kitchen on fine minimalist lines in GUM BLANCO, a matt white lacquered finish. This model is characterized by its finish as it has no texture and feels like RUBBER to the touch, which strengthens the minimalist aesthetics of this kitchen. Furthermore, this model can be in more than 30 colours and you also have the choice of colours on the RAL chart, so that clients can personalize their kitchens right up to the tiniest detail. Likewise, an absence of handles adds lightness making this composition simplicity to the extreme, based on straight lines. The 9mm porcelain countertop and skirting of 80mm in Gum lacquer add simplicity, giving the doors more importance than any other element. The arrangement is marked by 3 very different areas: a work area at the island, columns for the storage area and electrical appliances and a decorative area along the wall which is closed by means of sliding optical glass doors. Design in its purest state, an intrinsic characteristic in DOCA kitchens.