The company was founded in 1980 in Vinaròs (Castellón), quickly becoming an iconic trademark in kitchen furniture and cupboards for those looking for a medium to high range product for their home. Halfway between an industrial manufacturer and the renowned finishes of an expert carpenter, pieces from Muebles de cocina DOCA seduce perceptive clients who are searching for unique, customizable furniture.



Our wardrobes are the result of hard work and effort in the creative department at Muebles de Cocina DOCA, by creating a new concept of what is modern and incorporating new designs and avant-garde solutions for the collection of wardrobes. These are always characterized by an attractive timeless design. Without any doubt, the ideal complement to give your home a great design in each and every place.



Our wardrobes are the result of hard work and effort in the creative department at Muebles de Cocina DOCA, by creating a new concept of what is modern and incorporating new designs and avant-garde solutions for the collection of wardrobes. These are always characterized by an attractive timeless design. Without any doubt, the ideal complement to give your home a great design in each and every place.



Imagine being able to store your clothes with the same style as that you dress in. It’s easy with the new “Baus Roble 68” wardrobe, which has classic presence and elegant details. We already know that it’s the details which make all the difference; a great tie can completely change the look of a suit or a necklace can enhance a simple dress, and that’s what happens with “Baus Roble 68”. Simple sliding doors in oak grow in magnificence and style with their fine frames and original handles. A wardrobe for people who know that sometimes it is worth taking a risk with accessories. 



Often functionality is sacrificed in the name of a great design, which then becomes unpractical. It is difficult to find a balance, but at Muebles de Cocina DOCA we think you should have both of these things: design and functionality. The “Bunotte Nogal” wardrobe has the best of both worlds, manufactured with the most elegant oak Wood. Its sliding doors incorporating handles and a smooth sliding action which works with precision allow easy access to a practical interior where functionality rules, without forgetting aesthetics of course.



Sometimes sharing a wardrobe can be a real challenge; your clothes end up in drawers they don’t belong in, or what is worse, they disappear completely. Then there are those times when you open a drawer to find that it has been invaded by socks which aren’t yours, that can really get on your nerves. Sometimes you need more than good intentions to respect someone-else’s space. The “Cusan blanco/sedamat blanco” wardrobe has a great layout, which makes it perfect for avoiding these situations. This wardrobe has two clearly separate areas, one for longer clothes with more space and drawers and another with a lower clothes rail for shorter clothes. Like this, your clothes will never go astray again. Furthermore, the ‘sedamat blanco’ lacquered finish makes this wardrobe a discreet feature in any room.



Colours from the boreal forest are brought to the heart of your home in the form of the “Nordik Lis” wardrobe. This is an excellent laminated wardrobe with folding doors which is ideal for lovers of the winter and wild regions in the north, thanks to the nostalgic tones of its wood par excellence. A work of art with imposing presence, which becomes the focal point of your room, furthermore the spacious interior was created to store even your sunglasses and ski boots.



The East has aroused people’s interest in the West for centuries. In the fifteenth century they spoke of an oriental renaissance and there was a boom in anything to do with their culture and knowledge. With the passing of time, our identities have been brought closer together, however, there are certain aspects which are still a mystery. Jugs from the Ming dynasty, pieces of jade and antique Buddha’s are some of the most prized and sought after in the world. Pieces of this kind can really refine the style of a room with their mere presence. That’s what happens with our “GlassMix Blanco Mate” wardrobe, panelled sliding doors in matt white glass add that sophisticated oriental touch. At the same time, thanks to the organized interior space for storage, there is the functionality you need.



We store shoes that we will never wear again because they hurt our feet, jumpers that we bought on a whim, trousers that might come back into fashion, dresses that still have their price tag on because we haven’t found the right time to wear them, granddad’s old jacket that we nostalgically keep safe… what we are doing is storing memories. Imagine being able to have all of these mementos in order and within reach, with the satisfaction of knowing exactly where a piece of clothing is. The “BarnaTabac” wardrobe does exactly that, keep everything you need impeccably safe. Its platinum structure and wooden shelves make it an elegant pragmatic walk-in-wardrobe where you can hide your little secrets.



If beauty is on the inside then why hide what is in our wardrobes? I have this childhood memory of when my gran proudly showed me how tidy and organized her wardrobe was; the bedclothes were impeccably folded, all the shirts were hanging at exactly the same distance from each other, all of the clothes were organized by item or colour, and what a shame that all of this was hidden behind wardrobe doors! The “Timeless Blanco Viejo” wardrobe gives you the chance to decorate from the outside in the interior is made in eucalyptus wood which contrasts marvellously with the white lacquered doors, the openings of this classic wardrobe give you a glance at the interior and make it a beautiful accessory in your home.



You don’t have to be a fashion victim to worry about what you are going to wear the next day. You might change clothes a thousand times because you don’t like what you’re wearing. Or have an important event but not feel happy with the hopelessly expensive garment you bought at the last minute. You want to make a good impression at a job interview… There are so many different times in our lives which dictate what we should wear, and sometimes the simplest accessory can give us the confidence we need or make us feel like we are too dressed up. At Muebles de Cocina DOCA we want your choice of what to wear to be as simple as possible which is why the “EbanoVintage/Leach Transparente” wardrobe has transparent sliding glass doors, so that you can see your clothes from the bed and decide what to put on from there, simple isn’t it? Furthermore, well organized interiors in ebony add a subtle elegance to the whole room.



When seasons change so does the tedious task of changing over our wardrobes. Usually, nobody likes doing this, but we have to organize and update our clothes. We put away coats and take out dresses or vice versa, an absolute nightmare! It’s also a time of discoveries, who has never found something they thought they had lost forever, or even forgotten they owned? At Muebles de Cocina DOCA we want to make your life simpler, and with wardrobes as spacious as the “Fuste Acacia” you will never have to go through this process again. You won’t have to bother putting clothes away in boxes to make more space for clothes for the present season. This lovely wardrobe has lots of interior room with a beautiful old acacia finish, incorporating handles and doors veneered in sustainable wood. With wardrobes like this who needs a butler?



Let’s be honest, we have all had times when the house is upside-down and someone decides to come round for a visit SHOCK, HORROR! At Muebles de cocina DOCA we want to avoid this occurrence, that’s why we have designed such fantastic wardrobes like the ANGÓN MOOCCA. Veneered wood doors with folding opening and beautiful handle cut out of the door itself make this an exquisite piece of furniture. The interior is created to give you order by keeping everything in its place and if one of those inopportune moments arises when someone pops over, its spacious interior will save you from a tight spot. From the maestro of untidiness to the maestro of good taste thanks to this elegant design.



How many sensations per square metre can fit into a room like this one? Endless. Aesthetics should be present in every corner of our home, in our furniture. True to this idea, Muebles de Cocina Doca offer possibilities so that aesthetics impregnate even the interior of our wardrobes. In the photo there are new chests of drawers in Roble Old (old oak), and along with the lower storage area in the same material and the Blanco Sedamat lacquered finish of the wardrobe doors, the overall aesthetics here are perfect. But the real surprise lies within, as the same aesthetics are reflected inside the wardrobe thanks to the backs in Roble Old and the rest in Blanco Sedamat. In short, aesthetics inside and out, with an amusing touch from the Trau handle. This is a mechanized handle incorporated in the door which is modified in every single door of this wardrobe. A young, amusing, fresh idea for those who love aesthetics the most.



Many of us love clean spaces, simple but elegant rooms where furniture flows and harmonizes perfectly with the room. However, sometimes we are obliged to sacrifice design in our house as a great storage system is so necessary. With the new Sedamat Blanco wardrobe this won’t happen again; doors in silky white lacquer incorporating handles make this wardrobe the perfect complement to any room. The result is a perfect synthesis of excellently camouflaged elements giving light and style to our rooms. We could classify this as a discreet, functional design incorporating handles in the door and its vertical Gola area.



The details are give personality when furnishing a room. There are living rooms which might look a tad sterile; the sofa, TV and dining table… but what happens when we add this cupboard with sliding doors in Foro Reflex glass and lovely old bronze interior to the composition? The room is simply transformed, becoming elegant and sophisticated. It even gives you that extra space for storage. We could even add an accessorizing table in the same finishes, with central space for the TV. Here we are creating style and continuity in a room, adding harmony, showing our character and personality.



A wardrobe is not just a large box for storing things. A good wardrobe is able to decorate a room, a good, well-organized wardrobe helps you to organize your life. Keeping your clothes tidy and in the right place is one of those small pleasures in life that make us happy almost without realizing. A wardrobe can sometimes be a gateway to our imagination. When you were a child, don’t you remember hiding in the wardrobe in a game of hide-and-seek? Or just for the pleasure of jumping out and scaring an adult? Our Nordik Iver wardrobe gives you this and much more. It is elegant and sophisticated with laminate doors doors in an Iver finish, a retractable opening system and oak interiors making it the star attraction of a room; adding warmth and design. 



The same space...infinite possibilities. A space of classic aesthetics does not have to require classic furniture. Its mouldings, rosettes and herringbone parquet play an important role that can be shared alongside the most contemporary furniture with straight lines. This suite area is presided over by the imposing Lira door wardrobe, with chrome frames and transparent optical glass, which reveals its delicate interior in white Sedamat lacquer. A wardrobe that reveals all its secrets and invites you to enjoy its interior from the outside. With the same philosophy, model Lira and lacquer Sedamat, a TV cabinet has been created that accompanies the wardrobe in finishes and functionality. Infinite possibilities of Doca furniture with which you can play and create spaces as intense as the image. Lira model, classic or contemporary? Judge yourselves.



Houses never have enough storage space or mirrors. At Muebles de Cocina DOCA we have dealt with this by creating a wardrobe with a display cabinet door in mirrored glass incorporating a handle, but calm down, we haven’t gone back to the nineteenth century in terms of decoration. Our Ideco Espejo wardrobe could not be further away from those out-dated closets which used to preside over Spanish bedrooms some years ago; the co-planar sliding doors and interiors in stained LAM oak give this wardrobe an avant-garde design making it the best furnishing accessory. Mirrored glass doors create an effect of light and space, making the room seem larger. This is the ideal answer for more storage space without feeling as though the wardrobe dominates the whole room.



What do we want to see in a wardrobe? And what don’t we want to see? Rooms are becoming more and more open plan, opened up to different areas of our homes. Now we don’t have complexes about people knowing who we are, we want to be seen, proof of this is in the popularity of social networks, and our clothes should be on the same level. From a New York loft to a house on the seafront there is space for a room divider like the walk-in-wardrobe designed by Muebles de Cocina Doca.  It is a glass case in the middle of nowhere displaying everything on the inside openly without constrictions. A walk-in-wardrobe which stands naked before us. Thanks to the metallic structure which is available in various finishes, Muebles de Cocina Doca have been able to create this transparent area, which can be left as shown in the image or placed on a base with any covering you choose: artistic paintings, painted paper, wood…there are as many possibilities as elements which can fit inside.



Contrasts and harmony, combining glass, steel and wood. Muebles de cocina DOCA presents a spacious composition using elegant finishes, with this Formentera model wardrobe comprising swing doors and handles incorporated in the 45mm frame of the door. The black frame combines perfectly with the glass of the Reflex mirror model, whose special feature is allowing the inside to be seen once the interior light has been turned on, creating an attractive effect of light and shadows. The interior is in a Panga oak veneer finish which adds warmth, design and elegance to this wardrobe composition. At Muebles de Cocina DOCA we create innovative environments without losing practicality, which is enhanced even more by the quality materials used. Organizing with DOCA is easy and is a synonym of the quality of life, and so we have lots of accessories to make this possible. Extremely functional and aesthetic accessories like trouser racks, skirt racks, pull-out metallic trays with dividers in veneer and lacquer, containers for shirts, tie racks, shoe racks etc, all arranged to guarantee order and convenience on a daily basis. Muebles de Cocina DOCA pay attention to the tiniest details, offering their clients a wide range of handles for interior drawers with finishes as diverse as leather and chrome. A composition which simply breathes design and functionality with a perfect combination of materials making a room warm and comfortable without losing the essence of design which characterizes our brand. In the pursuit of imaginative solutions Muebles de Cocina DOCA use different opening systems. Here we present sliding or co-planar doors giving smooth easy access to all areas. The beauty of the materials used, and the refined design mean that we can exceed established aesthetic limits of the conventional vision of a wardrobe.



What do we mean when we say we want to bring elegance to a wardrobe? What is elegance? The answer is in front of us: combine materials perfectly so that there is total harmony and elegance in a room. This wardrobe in an engineered walnut veneer with glossy finish, comprises material elements as diverse as a mirror, the stoneware or transparent glass. Muebles de Cocina Doca suggest that their clients go a little further and cover the backs of this walk-in-wardrobe with smoked glass or porcelain Pulpis imitation stone. Thereby achieving a visual impact. In the same way, Muebles de Cocina Doca create functional islands with drawers and pull-out trays on both sides. Furthermore there is an upper area covered in transparent glass for sting books, jewellery or various utensils.