The company was founded in 1980 in Vinaròs (Castellón), quickly becoming an iconic trademark in kitchen furniture and cupboards for those looking for a medium to high range product for their home. Halfway between an industrial manufacturer and the renowned finishes of an expert carpenter, pieces from Muebles de cocina DOCA seduce perceptive clients who are searching for unique, customizable furniture.



The DOCA product is characterized by its design and quality without forgetting functionality and ergonomics. Materials are studied and tested so that our kitchens look very up-to-date, whilst being extremely resistant and long lasting. Steel is polished by laser, resins are state of the art, lacquers highly glossy with a rubber effect…all of these make our product exceptional in every sense of the word.



At Muebles de Cocina Doca we love innovating which is why we have created a classic kitchen with a rebellious touch, the “Timeless Castañer Fernor”. The best thing about classic kitchens is their layout, usually with large work areas and lots of storage space. This kitchen keeps all of those details but has a few new touches making it a much more pleasant room. The traditionally structured cupboards framed in wood have got rid of handles and glass cabinets are substituted with shelves so that you can be much freer when you display objects. This design is framed by a structure inspired by Neolithic concrete, add an industrial touch resulting in an interesting kitchen for those who like to adapt tradition to the present.



First the best ingredients on the market are chosen; then they are cleaned, cut, peeled, chopped and seasoned. After cooked, being very careful with the temperature and cooking times, and to finish off we take lots of care with plating up… these are the steps to follow to make a winning recipe. Surprisingly, creating a great kitchen follows a very similar process. We select the best quality materials making sure they are sustainable, and then we give then shape; polish the edges and surfaces, and then finally add the details. A feature here is the display cabinet doors with a black aluminium frame and transparent glass or the doors with a 30mm thick wooden frame. The idea is always the more options the better. Everyone knows that for each great recipe there are countless versions.



Some things never go out of fashion; the novels by Jane Austen, Beethoven’s fifth symphony or a great classical kitchen. And while we are speaking about traditional kitchens we should mention our new kitchen “Biarritz gris lavanda”. White doors with a discreet frame, top display cabinets and metal handles on all of the cupboards. Furthermore, here the outstanding island with drawers adds a little extra in terms of storage space and work surface. There are designs that can never be forgotten, with this kitchen we want to remember where we came from, because we love to innovate but without forgetting respect for those great designs which last a lifetime.



The pleasure of cooking is for those who really love it, one of the most exquisite pleasures we can ever have. Look at a flavour without opening your eyes or smell a colour with a glance, are routine actions for those who really feel a kitchen. How many times have we remembered a special date while looking at a bowl of salad which had a mixture of five different coloured vegetables? That is why at Muebles de Cocina Doca we want to love the kitchen, creating special places which evoke these actions. Contemporary or classical rooms, or why not a mix of both, like the kitchen presented by Doca, with definite classical aesthetics and a touch of modernity. The Lira model frames the column area with highly daring, glossy chrome which almost blinds you and gives you a clear view of the interior thanks to transparent glass. Likewise the Elegance model, frames the fronts of the cooking areas, made in steel with a bevelled chrome frame which emphasises the classical-contemporary aesthetics. And to close the circle, the Timeless model. Here, in all its presence featuring a robust frame with delicate bevel and mechanized handle. All of this along with oak panelled walls makes modern elements like steel and chrome fit perfectly with lacquer and veneer. Unique, exclusive places, where you can experience a kitchen in all of its splendour.



The most romantic kitchen of all. This kitchen oozes exquisite taste and whilst being classical in style there is also a touch of avant-garde and functionality. Inside there are more modern storage systems, and the outside is simply classical beauty. The Britania model from Muebles de Cocina Doca is made in different up-to-date pastel colours with fine golden lines giving it that classical touch, but always the right amount. Display cabinets show us their interiors lacquered with the most delicate porcelain, interiors which open up before us with the utmost delicacy. Kitchens which speak of nights in Edinburgh and evoke memories of fresh salmon on a bed of walnuts. Kitchens to enjoy life in.



“Slop, slop, slop...” is the sound of a slow cooking stew from an old family recipe that has been around since lord knows when, it’s just that some kitchens invite you to cook in them. That’s what happens with the new “GREGAL ROBLE NATURAL” kitchen for the most nostalgic of us, for those who love fairy tales. Its design was created to fall in love with. There is lots of work space with a beautiful oak island with rustic carving, along with a table is ideal for preparing great recipes given that there is so much room for cooking, baking, washing up and even for making bread. You won’t need any more storage space either as the cabinets at both sides of the stove have extra space for keeping all the kitchenware you will ever need. All of these details give this design a vintage look.



Here Muebles de cocina DOCA have developed a Project with BROCANT NOGAL VELHO /GRIS REAL and BORNO NOGAL VELHO models, comprising a cabinet, table with natural stone top in the same finish as the countertop and kitchen furniture. The combination of fronts in silk lacquer with a structure framing them in walnut veneer brings to mind a traditional style which gives a feeling of warmth without losing the design factor. Borno model fronts with thinner frames on the drawers are combined with thicker framed fronts of the Brocant model on saucepan drawers and doors. In this way this kitchen looks lighter than the usual rustic kitchen and although the aesthetics are very up-to-date it still maintains its pure traditional essence. Here electrical appliances in up to the minute steel with an industrial feel accentuate the combination of modernity and tradition which are so clearly present in this kitchen.